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Pillars of a Nourishing Diet

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Only after discovering the secrets to a proper diet did the ideas of Energy Production and autonomic balance within the Nervous system come in to play.

Pillars to consider implimenting.

Trillions of microorganisms inhabit the human intestine to make up a complex ecosystem that plays an important role in human health. Commensal bacteria extract nutrients and energy from our diets, maintains gut barrier function, produce vitamins (biotin and vitamin K), and protect against colonization by potential pathogens.

In Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), we consider diet to be the number one epigenetic influence to the body and below are some pillars to consider.

Pillar #1 - Food is our greatest source of nutrition

Not only does diet supply us with genetically required nutrition, but it can also be the cause of inflammation and immune system dysfunction or imbalances.

Pillar #2 - Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivity testing detects foods and food chemicals that are causing a non-allergic immune or inflammatory response in your body.

“You get a lot of bang for the buck by running a food sensitivity test” ~ Reed Davis - FDN Founder

Pillar #3 - Reactive Foods

All reactive foods indicated as having High or Moderate reactivity must be eliminated from the diet for a minimum of 90 days and possibly longer.

Pillar #4 - Diet and Food induced reactions

Diet and food induced reactions contribute to Metabolice Chaos and will cascade throughout the body, so that symptoms appear far removed from ingestion of the food or substance that started the ball rolling.

Pillar #5 - Test Don't Guess

The Media Release Test is our go to screening for food sensitivities where available and appropriate. Measures inflammatory response caused by variety of triggering mechanisms, including IgG and other immune reactions.

FACT: There is No One Diet For All

The MRT is different from the traditional food sensitivity tests. Where the comptitition measeures foods that you have eaten in the last few months, the MRT measures whether or not you have ever had a sensitivity to many commonly senstive foods or chemicals in your life. So, please consider what you pay for in testing. Not all tests are equal. For more information please schedule a Discovery call today.

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