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The top 3 things I've learned about Exercise

Updated: 4 days ago

Just as with diet, there are many theories as to what type of exercise is most beneficial.

Much of what you need to maintain a healthy physique won’t require expensive machines.

We all know that exercise is vital part of a healthy life. This might seem obvious, but many people today live very sedentary lives. We sit at work, sit in our cars, and sit in front of the television at home to unwind. But our bodies are not designed for so much sitting. We are meant to move! That movement causes our blood to bring oxygen to our organs (including our brains); it allows us to build muscle and to strengthen our lungs and hearts. Exercise also helps to carry toxins out of the body. With exercise, everything gets oiled and strengthened; our bodies move more freely and with more ease; everything just lights up!

Whatever the case may be, exercise is important for many reasons, and it is beneficial to

one’s health to have a daily regimen. From joint flexibility to having a healthy heart to

reducing depression, the upsides are endless.

Tip #1 - Don’t sit too long at work!

If you work an office job that requires you to sit for extended periods of time, make it a priority to get up every 30 minutes to move your body. Some companies are now using “stand up desks” which have actually been used for centuries.

Tip #2 - Start a daily exercise routine!

Try yoga, walking, interval training or playing a sport that is fun, effective, and not overly time-consuming. Doing something active that is enjoyable is a huge part of getting and staying fit.

“Not exercising is just as bad for you as smoking” ~ Reed Davis

Tip #3 - Regular exercise promotes improvement in sleep quality.

  • Exercise early in the day.

  • Lengthy cardio or intense exercise can increase cortisol levels, so don’t over do it too late in the day.

Not All Exercise is the same

Before beginning an exercise regimen, it is crucial to evaluate your state of health in order to determine the best approach for your needs.

“Eating better” and “being more active” can lead to health improvements, but only if done at an appropriate rate.

Finish strong!

Exercise will

  • stimulate oxygenation,

  • circulation,

  • elimination of toxins,

  • tone the muscles,

  • increase flexibility,

  • cardio-pulmonary exertion.

Keep moving!

We know that finding time to exercise can be tough, but we'll help find a system that works for you. Keep in mind, if your body is stressed, dealing with some form of disease or exhausted, there are many exercises that you SHOULDN’T be doing!

There is no “one size fits all approach.” A trained FDN practitioner can help find out what

program will work best for you. Schedule a Discovery call today to see if you are a good fit for our Functional Diagnostic Program.

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